Year Name PHD Thesis Current state
110 歐易哲 Design of Soil Energy Harvesting and Sensing Interface Circuits for Environmental Monitoring Applications 瑞昱
109 呂紹永 Design of Microwatt Multimodality Electrochemical Readout Circuits and Systems for Biomedical Sensing Applications 聯發科技


Year Name Master Thesis Current state
110 單祥鑫 A Low-power, CMOS Double-pulse Sensing Front-end Circuit for Rapid Disease Screening 高通半導體
110 邵丞擇 Design of Low-power Voltage Reference Circuits and Temperature Sensor in Sub-threshold Region 聯發科技
109 黃凱杰 Soil-Powered Inductive LED Driver with Dual-Mode Power Extraction 天鈺
109 呂浚銨 Wide Input Power Range RF Energy Harvesting System with Load Modulation Technique 瑞昱
108 陳誼家 Microwatt Dual-Mode Front-End IC for Electrochemical Sensing Applications 亞德諾半導體
108 陳晏廷 0.8V Sub-mW 433MHz-band Transmitter and Receiver in 0.18μm CMOS 聯發科技
108 劉家宏 Capacitive DC-DC Converter with Extending High Efficiency Range for Soil Microbial Energy Extraction 敦泰電子
107 郭鎮億 Wide Input-Range RF Energy Harvesting System 立錡科技
106 施韋志 A CMOS UHF Chip With An Adaptive Impedance Matching Mechanism 奇景科技
106 蔡瑞翔 Implementation of Wirelessly-Powered, Wide-Range Electrochemical Readout Interface 聯發科技
105 段秋月 A 145uW 315MHz RF Transmitter With Frequency Multiplcation Techniques for IoT Applications 凌陽科技
105 林祓𩱾 Low-Power Wireless Electrochemical Sensing IC for Biomedical Application 立錡科技
105 林書玄 Wide Input-Range Power Management System for RF Energy Harvesting 聯發科技
105 楊佳評 Capacitive DC-DC Converter with Maximum Power Point Tracking for Soil Energy Extraction 瑞昱
103 黃士杰 A Closed-Loop, Fully-Integrated Wireless CMOS Bondwire Accelerometer Design 友達光電
103 許弘昇 Design of Low Power Current-Reused Dual-Band Receiver 友達光電
103 余晨暐 High Efficiency, Clock-Reference-free Power Management System for Wireless Energy Harvesting 凌陽科技
103 曹舒堯 A Wirelessly-Powering Current-Mode Analog-to-Digital Converter for Blood Glucose Monitoring 原盛科技
103 郭昱均 Self-Sustaining Wireless Moisture Sensor using Solely Soil Energy 捷達創新
102 洪志豪 Design and Applications of Low Phase Noise Oscillators 友達光電
102 溫富鈞 A Self-Sustained Wireless Sensor System for Environmental Monitoring 工研院
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