• The 16th National Innovation Award, Excelsior Award, 2019 (with NTHU Team)
  • MOST Young Scholar Fellowship (Columbus Project) 2019-2024 (PI) (Awarded ~300,000USD/year)
  • Best industry-academia joint project achievement award, MOST Engineering Division 2018 (Co-PI)
  • Outstanding Young Researcher Awards, Taiwan Integrated Circuit Design Society (TICD), 2018
  • Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer Awards, The Chinese Electrical Engineering (CIEE), 2016
  • 2016 R&D 100 Finalist
  • Excellent Junior Research Investigators Awards, MOST 2016.8-2019.7 (2nd time)
  • Excellent Junior Research Investigators Awards, MOST 2013.8-2016.7
  • Outstanding Reviewer, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentations and Measurement 2015
  • The 12th National Innovation Award in the Academic Research Category 2015
  • Excellent Mentor Award, National Chiao Tung University, 2014
  • ISSCC paper “A 3µW wirelessly powered CMOS glucose sensor for an active contact lens” highlighted as one of the 7 must-read papers in ISSCC 2011 by EE times 2011
  • Best Thesis Award, Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineers, 2005
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